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2022-2023 School Year

Dr Lawton Gray - John Muir Alum/John Muir High School Principal

Enrique Bautista - Financial Advisor

Willie Williams - The Law Offices of Willie Williams

Lola Osbourne - Youth Advocate Program

Calvin Huang - JPL

Deon Shorter - John Muir Alum/Realtor

Horace Wormely - City of Pasadena Director of Human Services and Recreation (RETIRED)

Robert Aceves - John Muir Alum/John Muir Wellness Center

Manual Carmona - City of Pasadena Health Department

Kevin Mills - Life Coach The Mills Corner

Mark Fowler - LAMP Program

Joseph Kindred - Nobody Else Photography

Quincy Jones - John Muir Alum/Senior Manager of Licensing for Universal Records

Myles Kovacs - Entrepreneur

Dr Ricardo Robles - John Muir Alum/John Muir High School Assistant Principal

Josh Jones - John Muir Alum/Los Angeles County Firefighter

Ronnie Evans - John Muir Alum/Los Angeles County Paramedic

Horace Wormely - John Muir Alum/Co-Owner The DSTRKT

David Reyes - CEO Green Ladder Roofing Company

Steve Gibson - Pasadena City College Board of Trustees

Drew Pearson - John Muir Alum/Probation Officer

Owens Ordonez - John Muir Alum/John Muir High School Environmental Sciences Teacher

Victor Lugo - John Muir Alum/John Muir Soocer Coach

Anthony Miller - John Muir Alum/Former NFL Player

George Jenkins - Infantry Clothing Line

Darrell Tripp - John Muir Alum/Coordinator for the Homeless

Jonathon Horton - City of Pasadena Human Relations Commissioner

CJ Owens - John Muir Alum/MPYD Alum/Jackson State University

Matt Fowler - John Muir Alum/MPYD Alum/Alabama A&M

Chris Reaves - Former Professional Basketball Player/Trainer

Ashanti Cook - Actor/Georgetown University Alum

Garrett Hollins - John Muir Alum/Executive Protection Agent

James Penn - John Muir Alum/Construction Inspector

Dennis Robinson - John Muir Alum/Founder Pasadena CLSC

Destiny Iwuoma - John Muir Alum/Credit and Risk Analyst

Aishia Deal - Shepards Door Domestic Violence Resource Center

Ryan Boykin - LAPD Officer

Tyron Hampton - John Muir Alum/Pasadena City Council Member

Deverion Mackey - Because We Care

Marcus Thompson - John Muir Alum/Hathaway Sycamores

John Espinoza - John Muir High School Athletic Trainer

Kyle Greene - John Muir Alum/Personal Trainer

Eugene Harris - Pasadena Police Chief

Cassius Morgan - Southern California Edison

Chad Augustin - Pasadene Fire Chief

Ramses Barden - Former NFL Player/Super Bowl Champion

Corey McIntosh - Lifestyle Specialist

Eugene Sapp - Producer

Chuck Shull - John Muir Alum/MPYD Alum/Glendale College

Jayce Ward - John Muir Alum/Pasadena Police Corporal (RETIRED)

Stephan Taylor - Financial Advisor

2021-2022 School Year

Lance Mitchell - John Muir Alum

Henry Jones - John Muir Alum/Modeling

Marquee Stanley - Celebrity Chef

Chris Hollis - Pasadena City College Athletic Director

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