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Our afterschool program focuses on the values Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM). The objective is to address the low percentage of our students pursuing a higher education to become qualified candidates in high-demand STEM careers. The goal of the program is to prepare students for academic and career success through its four layered components of tutoring, computer training, job development, and college preparation.

Click on Education is hosted Monday through Thursday in our new computer lab facility located on John Muir High Schools campus. The program has more than 85% of its students as members of the Engineering and Environmental Science Academy or Business and Entrepreneurship Academy. MPYD works closely with these academies to help our students to be more academically competitive through peer-to-peer tutoring, in which students are assisted in subjects that correlate to STEM leading to an improvement in grades. With our new computer equipment, students are trained by our staff on the normal functions of computer technology. For those advanced students, the program offers training courses on numerous programs like Microsoft Excel, Access, and more that are essential for STEM success.

The program also provides workshops on job development through career education and readiness. MPYD invites mentors with professional backgrounds in STEM to assist with these workshops. Each week students are introduced to a different career path and what it takes to attain success in that career. This leads to the programs final layer, which is preparing the students for higher learning. Our college preparation explores the possible paths to a higher education at either a vocational school or university. Students do their own research on the requirements necessary to enroll in such schools, and our staff helps to set current and future educational goals to meet those requirements. With these four layered components, MPYD hopes that its alumni will one day have a sustainable future in a successful STEM-related career.

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