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Our job training program emphasizes long-term goals such as keeping the students employed and advancing in the workforce. In the short term, students will give up the immediacy of a paycheck, but the long term benefits of securing better jobs with higher salaries, benefits, and opportunities for advancement is much more rewarding. Beyond simply imparting skills, MPYD’s job training program helps students learn responsibility, leadership, and self-confidence by providing flexible training, paying close attention to student needs, and pursuing a rigorous follow-up after placement.

MPYD will foster close relationships between mentors, staff and students by providing students with ways to identify and cultivate their interests. The program facilitates courses that focus on soft skills, stressing communication with employers, dressing, and conflict resolution. Mock job interviews are also a fundamental process that is incorporated. Once students have successfully completed the program courses, MPYD works hard to place students at a local affiliated employer. After a successful placement, Mentoring and Partnership for Youth Development maintains close relationship with its employers and creates advisory groups to provide feedback on student placements.

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