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Meet the MPYD Staff


Vince Bryant, Managing Director

Vince is a Pasadena High School alumnus. Although, he did not attend John Muir, he has been deeply involved with the community. Vince was invited to MPYD's annual summer trip by a friend, which he enjoyed. In 2008, Mr. Shack hired Mr. Bryant as an Assistant Coordinator. After two years with MPYD, he decided to enroll into Pasadena City College, where he studied Sociology and ran track. Later, he took a position as a P.E. teacher at Rosebud Academy. After leaving Rosebud, he became a lead in Pest Control. However, Mr. Bryant always felt like his true calling was to help this program continue to grow while teaching the youth to value their character. 


Ethan Fleming, Program Coordinator

Ethan is a John Muir and MPYD alumni. He graduated from John Muir High School in 2020 and went on to further his education at Grand Canyon University, where he is studying Business Administration. Mr. Fleming oversees the sophomores at MPYD, in which he counsels and encourages them to always do their best in life. His goal with MPYD is to help these young men become the best version s of themselves and help them reach their goals.


Keawn Barr, Program Coordinator

Keawn graduated from from Golden Valley High School in 2018. After Graduation he attended California State University East Bay , where he received his Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. Ms. Walker introduced Mr. Barr to MPYD and Mr. Shackleford. He knew this program would be a perfect fit for him because he had prior experience working with the youth , due to being a tutor while attending college. He works with the freshman class because he wants to make sure that these students are getting the support they need. Transitioning from middle school to high school can sometimes be overwhelming.


Adam Conover, Program Coordinator

Adam is a John Muir Alumni and has continued to support the campus here at John Muir High School. He was a part of the Lady Stangs Girls Basketball program for 7 years. He describes Muir as "home" when asked about what Muir means to him. He wants to see the students succeed and move on to do great things in life. Once a Stang Always A Stang!


Zanah Cunningham, Office Manager

Zanah is the office manager here at MPYD. She did not attend John Muir High School but she did graduate from a private school called Alverno High School. She is still in an esthetician school working on her career there. She attended and graduated from Marymount California University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

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